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R.L. Prendergast

the author

This is the part in which I’m supposed to share some details about my life. Can’t say I like doing it. I’m a pretty private guy and feel like a complete jackass talking about myself. However, I’m embarrassed about the last bio I wrote (which made me sound an arrogant jerk—which I am sometimes— but I’d prefer not to look it) so I’m compelled to write this.

Let me come clean. I don’t know an adverb from an adjective and I may be the world’s worst speller—really! If it weren’t for my editors, I’d probably have sold a grand total of three books, though my kind-hearted wife might have picked up a few copies to keep me from being despondent. I have no formal training as far as writing goes. Before my first novel was published, the last thing I’d written was a high school English essay—a long time ago.

I read—a lot. I jog—slowly. I play a few team sports—badly. I often listen to 80’s music to get myself in the mood to write in the mornings. The music seems to help me in two ways. Firstly, I grew up with it. Secondly, it makes me remember how much time has passed since I was a teenager, and that if I don’t sit down and write, my whole life will have passed without me doing at least some of the things I wanted to do (like finish whatever story I’m working on).

I love being a dad. Really love it! My favourite sounds are the voices of my wife and my son. I get bored pretty easily. The one thing I’d really like to do, but will likely not get the chance to, is go into space and orbit the earth a few times. I’ve had a zillion different jobs. Among other things, I’ve worked in a bank, refereed soccer, bar-tended, sold medical equipment, run my own (small) businesses and taught at university.

All my stories (apart from my children’s book) are philosophically motivated. The study of history has confirmed my belief that although technology changes constantly, people remain the same. I write for myself, but am very happy that others enjoy my tales. Each time I finish writing a book, I tell my wife, “I’m never doing this again.” A year or more later, an idea grips me, and I find myself compelled to sit down and hammer out another story. Oh, by the way, this will be my last book.